In January 2007, Eakring WI began what will hopefully be a long association with Tintinara CWA.  The Country Women’s Association of Australia is the antipodean version of the WI we know and love in this country.  The first letter we received enclosed a copy of their branch program and the similarities with our own meetings were so marked, it seemed we could have slipped into one of their meetings and felt entirely at home.  Certainly the welcome they have extended to us is very much in the spirit of the WI.


Tintinara is about 200 miles SE of Adelaide, the driest state on the driest continent.   The Group has 15 members ranging in age from 50 to 87. During our first year of correspondence, we decided to “introduce” ourselves to our new friends by e-mailing a monthly photo in which a member is photographed in her garden.  In this way they not only “meet” us but get an impression of the changing seasons.  The flooded garden that was e-mailed in June seems to have made quite an impression!


We aim to exchange 2 newsletters a year with snippets of news sent as the mood takes us in between times.  Who knows  …. one day exchange visits may even be on the cards but we’ll settle for photographs for now (and by the way we were all fully clothed when the shots were taken … just in case you were wondering).